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How to Bypass Android Lock Screen Using Camera

To bypass the Android lock screen using the camera, turn on the phone's camera from the lock screen and access...

Proyojon IT 18 Apr, 2024

How to Pair Beats Headphones to Android

To pair Beats headphones to an Android device, turn on Bluetooth and put the headphones in pairing mode. Then, in the Bluetooth settings o...

Proyojon IT 16 Apr, 2024

How is Computer Science Used in Entertainment

Computer science is used in entertainment for creating special effects and virtual reality experiences. It also po...

Proyojon IT 14 Apr, 2024

How to Remove Emergency Call from Lock Screen Android

To remove Emergency Call from the lock screen on an Android device, you can go to Settings, then Security, and tog...

Proyojon IT 10 Apr, 2024

How to Add Active Directory Users And Computers

To add Active Directory Users and Computers, open the server manager and select "Add Roles and Features.&quot...

Proyojon IT 8 Apr, 2024

What is the Benefits of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology offers benefits such as transparency, security, and efficiency in recording and verifying tr...

Proyojon IT 8 Apr, 2024